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Our Team


Ron Tait, Founder

Ron is wise. Can't you tell? Hopefully he has enough of a sense of humour not to get angry at this page...

Ron has been practising law for longer than he’d care to remember. He was admitted to practice in 1970.

One of Melbourne’s original solicitor advocates, Ron is just as much at home in a court room as he is behind his office desk.

Ron’s calm, easy nature together with his experience helps clients feel like they’re in very good hands. He has been described as the legal equivalent to a medical GP – he can help with a very broad range of legal issues.


Brett Tait, Managing Partner

Brett’s professional background began on Collins Street in taxation law and accounting before moving into the world of structured finance.

Brett was admitted to practice in 2003 after joining Ron in 2002. He was told that he could stay for as long as he wanted and ... he’s still here.

Like Ron, Brett is just as comfortable on his feet in a court room as he is behind his desk. Now Brett applies his varied skills to finding “outside the box” solutions to your problems.


Amity Krieger, Lawyer

Already taking the work from home plan seriously. 

Amity joined our team in the final year of her law degree, stayed to do her “articles” and is now our junior lawyer after being admitted to practice - she just won't leave.

Amity tackles every challenge with the enthusiasm of youth and grasps every opportunity to expand her knowledge of the law with both hands. Clients feel very comfortable dealing with Amity.


Jessica Proctor, Soon to be Lawyer

Jess has been at Tait Lawyers since late 2012 and is part of the furniture. She is the person at our office who will make sure that the conveyancing side of buying or selling your property goes as smoothly as possible.

Jess makes sure that she has exposure to all the areas of law that Tait Lawyers practices and has just graduated her masters in law at the University of Melbourne.


Megan Campbell, Office Manager

Our newest addition! So self efacing that she couldn't bring herself to write a bio and left it up to yours truly. Megan is new to the law but is proving to be very much up to the task of making sure the office is running smoothly. The second English accent in our team is confusing some.